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Duties, taxes and standards
Depending on the company’s legal form and the line of business/industrial sector different duties and taxes can be relevant. The GCME helps you to get an overview and refers you to one of our experienced partners who provide you with legal and tax advice.
The German tax system comprises two basic tax categories: direct and indirect taxes. For direct taxes, the taxable entity also bears the tax burden, e.g. income tax, corporation tax and trade tax. For indirect taxes on the other hand, the tax debtor transfers the tax burden to a third party.
In the case of value added tax on the supply of goods and services by entrepreneurs, the latter will usually pass the value added tax incurred on to the end user through a correspondingly higher selling price. Indirect taxes include, in particular, excise taxes such as the tax on mineral oil and on tobacco.
In addition we inform you about import and export regulations and applied or requested standards for your products and services.
For further information see Market Entry Law.

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