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Export and Licensing

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With the purpose of reducing market entry risks, the utilization of external distributors or licencees can be a suitable and fast way to access the German market. An external distributor or licencee is usually well established within the market and has a broad network of customers.

Thus, he is able to spread the respective products or services quickly across Germany. Since the distributor or licencee is operationg for his own account and paying a  commission or licence fee to the licensor, the market entry risk is very limited. 
Objective of the Service
Specializing in the accomplishment of market entry projects, the GCME offers foreign companies support in finding suitable distributors orlicencees/franchisees.
We put great emphasis on delivering services of the highest quality standard and integrity. In addition, it is of importance to us to provide you with a fully transparent and risk-balanced remuneration scheme, which provides all parties with a high degree of incentive to make the partnership a success.

In line with industry standards, we work according to the following remuneration schedule, based on a fixed and a variable component:
Initial Retainer
An initial retainer fee to cover the efforts for screening the market for potential distributors, licencees/franchisees will be charged upon conclusion of the cooperation agreement. The amount of this retainer depends on the specificmarket and the complexity of the product or service.
Success Fee for Qualified Leads
For each qualified lead generated by the GCME’s staff an additional success fee will be charged.
Further Support
If required, the GCME will assist the client in negotiating with the potential distributor or licencee/franchise and provide further advise. These furtheradvisory services will be charged based upon our general daily advisory fees.
If you are planning to enter the Germany or European market do not hesitate to contact usYou can find further information to our Market Entry by Distributor or Licencee Service by clicking on the image on the top of the page.

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