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Fact Finding Mission

Fact Finding Mission

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Objective of the a Fact Finding Mission (FFM) is to provide the foreign client with a broad knowledge of market demands and requirements as well as initial key contacts in Germany.

The results of the EMS
  • An analysis of the demand in the German market: size, trends, consumer preferences, and requirements, and overall structure (product categories, price segments, and distribution channels)
  • The determination of retailer/wholesaler sourcing requirements (packaging, grading, varieties, volumes, price points, etc.
  • A benchmark of the client`s products against competitive products already in the market to target competitive strengths and weaknesses
  • An identification of key drivers of demand likely to affect the market within the next 5 - 10 years
Content of the FFM
The EMS will be conducted in three main stages:
  • Desk Research and Preparation of FFM Field Work
  • FFM Field Work (duration is subject to individual agreement)
  • Evaluation and strategy development
Advisory Approach
  • In accomplishing the FFM and its preparation the EnterGermany will follow a proven and tested step-by-step-approach
If you are planning to enter the Germany or European market do not hesitate to contact us. You can find further information to our Fact Finding Mission Service by clicking on the image on the top of the page.

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