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German Business Culture
Understanding the German business culture is the key to success in the market. Misunderstandings and cultural differences are often the reason why negotiations between German and foreign businessmen fail. That is why it is of paramount importance to gain some knowledge about German or Western European business culture. Germans usually express their thoughts and opinions in a quite direct way. Therefore you need to know, that they do so to expedite business and not to insult or offend the business partner. Moreover, most Germans strictly separate business and private life: So don’t mind if you are not invited for dinner at home like in Asian or Latin-American countries.
In order to be prepared for doing business in Germany experienced coaches of the German Center for Market Entry advise you in all relevant aspects of the German business culture. According to your individual needs either a one-day-training or a several days lasting seminar will be designed. If requested one of the GCME’s consultants can even assist you in negotiations.

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